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As our raison d’être we bring all of our experiences in out of home to offer a full suite of OOH COMMUNICATION PLANNING, OOH MEDIA PLANNING & BUYING, location INSIGHTs through DATA PARTNERSHIPS MEASURABILITY.

Focussed on the premise of IDEAs FIRST we lead with innovations in (OOH/DOOH) based TECHNOLOGY LED PARTNERSHIPS and MEDIA AMPLIFICATION Strategies.


Experiential marketing is the process of creating an experience for the customer rather than approaching them through traditional marketing methods. However, over the period of time it has become mundane and boring. At HappE hrs we strive to bring fun and joy back to experiential. We will curate exciting and engaging unique experiences to connect with customers to ensure they want to learn more about a brand and what it offers. Our offerings at HappE hrs will be idea driven experiential marketing solution that will fit interesting well by providing touch and feel to the consumers in this digitally driven era.

Rural Solutions

The sheer largeness of the Indian hinterland in both in terms of its geography and opportunity is not lost on the ideacafe vision. We are well entrenched into the heart of Bharat through our long-standing associations and collaborations and have a proven track record of award winning, impact driven and consumer moving experiences. A large team with an even larger heart that understands the pulse of Rural India.

Creative Solutions

Ideas are the currency of the 21st century, and we believe that powerful ideas have the ability to change behaviour and perceptions. Our team of creative thinkers are synced and linked into an ideas first approach always looking for a challenge to push the envelope and attract consumer interest. After all ideas travel faster and farther than mere campaigns don’t they.

Digital Solutions

The success of any idea is based not only on the impact it creates but also the impression it makes. Our suite of digital solutions is glued together with the visual manifestation and amplification of the idea itself. From CGI to Anamorphic and 3D, all creatively driven technology and applications are well entrenched into the ideacafe offering.

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